Project Title 

App Design,
UI/UX Design

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Utile is a mobile application that utilizes the SCAD student body to create a supportive network for one another. By posting and applying for task help within the Savannah area, SCAD students can ask, and give help to others in need. This app is promoted by SCAD during the orientation week to help the international students get acquainted and comfortable to the way of life here. It eases their struggles and provides a platform for them to reach out and acquire help easily. By promoting the “good samaritan” concept within the SCAD community, lasting connections and friendships can be built through helping one another. Along with that, Utile informs the users about the latest events happening in and around Savannah which may be or may not be organized by SCAD in order to provoke cultural exchange. This is app is the solution to our design problem - “How can technology reduce social isolation amongst international students and help ease their assimilation into a new community while building lasting networks and friendships?” Instead of having multiple Facebook groups with no organization, this application provides a categorical system that is easy to sort through. The visual tone of the project is kept fun, welcoming and simple to appeal to students from diverse backgrounds.