The Real You

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The Real You

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 ‘The Real You’ is a community that strives to promote self-love and body positivity. Their way is to believe in others so much so that they start believing in themselves. They encourage women to stop looking for flaws in their body and create awareness about the side effects of unhealthy weight loss. ‘The Real You’ website is where people can connect to attend regular events and share views on the blog posts. The shop on the website offers some fun self-love induced products. One of the main deliverables of the project was the walkathon event to celebrate the beautiful life we are all gifted with and to show care for our body. Along with the walkathon, there was a promotional Instagram campaign called ”What makes you, YOU?” to encourage people to talk about what they like about themselves. This was accompanied by awareness posters about the ill-effects of crash dieting that could be shared further on social media.


Daily Dose of You

Along with the walkathon event, a promotional product of The Real You - 'Daily dose of you' was created. As a statement against the diet pills in the market, I decided to create these self-love pills. These are self-affirming statements that invigorate a little love, a little motivation in you everyday. These colorful pills cure your insecurity about body image and helps to instill confidence. It is a collection of 15 positive affirmations meant to be taken one per day.