Project Title 
See What I See

Conceptual Design,
Editorial Design

This project is a conceptual design provoking people to be more aware and present in the current moment. In the humdrum of daily life, we seldom notice the things around us. Our naked eye automatically tends to ignore many details unless we make a conscious effort. We are so involved with our interaction with the digital world that everyday tactile interactions are completely neglected. With this project, I create a juxtaposition of the digital and the physical world. I shot a series of photographs of everyday objects that challenge a person to recall what it is. For example, when we see an apple, the form and color leads our brain to process what object it is. What if you are exposed to only a tiny bit of the object in a magnified way? Will your brain still be able to process it? It creates a sense of familiarity yet is perceived with confusion. The textures call out to our mind to touch it because they are on the screen but sadly, all we touch is the cold, smooth glass of the Ipad. Knowing the fact that they are common objects makes the audience curious and eager to guess what it is. Photographs are flat and usually appeal only to the sight but the visual tactility of the textures attract the user to touch it. To compliment this visual stimuli, it a physical interaction of a contrasting mini book that highlighting the points around the new way of seeing that I encourage.