Savannah Zoo

Project Title 
Savannah Zoo

Branding, Icon Design,
Photography, Website
Design & Development

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This project is a rebranding of the Oatland Wildlife Center of Savannah to offer them a better and updated web presence. ‘Savannah Zoo’ does not only have a visually more pleasing and clean design but also has a better and more efficient  navigation system to create an engaging browsing experience for the users. The redesigned website offers the customers an intuitive web solution with an ability to find all the required information online with ease. There were thorough research methods like in-person interviews, card sorting, observational research and user flow mapping involved in the process of this design. This project was a result of the team work of 4 multidisciplinary students. We visited the Oatland Wildlife Center multiple times for surveys and observation to note what are the selling points, problem areas and opportunity points of the zoo. Our role encompassed the research, user experience design, logo design, photography, web design as well the coding. The website is fully responsive making it easily accessible across all device platforms.