Sav Art

Project Title 
Sav Art

Editorial Design, Logo Design

Sav Art (Short for Savannah Art and a play on the word Save Art) is a Not-for-Profit organization that strives to bring together the local community of artists in Savannah by promoting and encouraging them. It regularly organizes events that provide them with a good platform to display their work. The unique characteristic of the community of Sav Art is that it not only helps the upcoming artists but also finds a way to make the world better by donating a portion of their profits from the events to other NGOs that live for a cause. It publishes a monthly issue highlighting the latest gallery exhibitions in Savannah and also includes a write-up about the ten new found artists and their work. The mix of bright colors aptly reflects the vigor and happy spirit of the community. The brush strokes make the viewer immediately understand that this brand is associated with art. The visual language is a perfect mix of vibrant colors and minimal content.