Project Title 

App Design,
UI/UX Design,
Logo Design

Memro is a mobile application that lets you store your memories easily on your phone so you can access them anywhere, anytime. In simple words, it's goal is not to be just another journaling app. In this age of fast-living, constant traveling and inundating social media, people spend more time than ever staring at what other people are doing in their life rather than thinking about themselves. Memro provides a platform to jot your story down and record all the little moments you cherish so you can relive them anytime you want. With its intuitive interface, it is very easy to add your memories. This is a savior for people who love to keep a track of their life and save momentos to remind them of special moments. My survey showed that 90% of people wish to but struggle with storing/remembering things that mean something to them -  be it a greeting card your best friend gave, a movie you you saw with your beloved, a picnic you went on with your family. This app is the perfect solution to record these little moments and keep them forever. Along with this, the app has fun features like the memrometer that lets you see a graph of how happy you have been during a certain period of time or a memrobox that generates random memories from the ones you have already collected. The visual language and the color choice is dream-like and calming, complimenting the theme of the app.